Serialization, the application of uniquely identifying codes to all levels of packaging, plays a vital role in fighting the growing problem of drug counterfeiting and is a critical technology in helping to ensure consumer safety. Mikart has been a pioneer in the advancement of packaging serialization — providing this service since 2015, a full 8 years ahead of its Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) mandated usage date of 2023.

The Mikart serialization team onboards each customer by gathering their detailed requirements, obtaining master data, generating/executing a user acceptance testing protocol, establishing a CDMO endpoint of communications connection, performing testing in the test environment, and creating serialized label templates. In an industry where some formulators are starting to plan for serialization, we already have it down to a science.

Strategic Partners


Mikart’s partnership with the OPTELTM enables flexible, scalable vision systems, inspection tools, and other solutions that automatically generate, read, apply, and verify codes throughout the entire packaging process.


Mikart’s partnership with TraceLink provides Mikart and our clients access to the world’s largest track-and-trace network. Creating a data warehouse that makes all the information contained in the serialization codes available to every point in the pharmaceutical supply chain.

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