As part of Mikart’s essential clinical trial supply services, we offer customized cartons and trays. These ensure the safe movement of your clinical trial materials as you perform studies and move toward commercialization. Whatever your specific needs, we can provide the flexible cartoning solutions you require.

Mikart offers cartoning and tray packaging for physician samples, RX and OTC trade packages, and clinical trial materials. We package bottles, blisters, and pouches into a wide range of carton and tray sizes to meet your needs, and also shrink-wrap, band, and provide cellophane overwrap capabilities for cartons and trays.

Carton and Tray Package Capabilities

Carded blisters
Clinical trial supplies
Controlled drug substances (CI-CV)
HDPE, PET, and glass bottles
Laminated foil pouches/strip packs
Thermoformed and cold-formed blisters