You design the molecule.
We’ll deliver the finished product.

We offer a range of services, customized to fit your specific project needs. Our Pharmaceutical Formulations group specializes in developing robust product formulas which can be transferred to commercial level manufacturing.

Our processing capabilities include:

  • Direct Compression
  • High Shear Wet Granulation
  • Fluid Bed Top Spray
  • Roller Compaction
  • Particle/Bead Coating
  • Sizing and Milling
  • Small Scale Micronization
  • Tablet Film Coating
  • Taste Masking
  • Fast Dissolve (ODT)
  • Liquid-To-Solid Conversion
  • Low Humidity Manufacturing

R&D Manufacturing Equipment List

V-Blender (16 quart)

V-Blender (8 quart)

Glatt GPCG1 Fluid Bed Granulator (1 liter)

High Shear Granulator (Baker Perkins) 24 liter

High Shear Granulator (KG-5) Table Top Mixer 5 liter

Stokes Oscillating Granulator

Hobart A-200 Planetary Mixer (20 quart)

U5 Quadro Comil

Fitzpatrick Milling Machine

Micron Air Jet Mill

SG Turbo Sieve

CapPlus CPT Mini Tablet Press

DC-16 Tablet Press

Accelacota Coater 24” (Aqueous Film Coating)

All-Fill CF-SV-600 Auger Filler

Elizabeth EP 200L

Elizabeth EP 200