With our pharmaceutical tablet manufacturing capabilities, we can take your product from formulation development through full-scale commercial production. Whatever your tablet needs may be, we have specialized experience manufacturing extended release tablets, sustained release tablets, and modified release tablets.

Our proven manufacturing technologies ensure your product is made according to the highest quality standards. We offer a wide variety of processing choices, including fluid bed granulating, high-shear granulating, fluid bed drying, and roller compaction.

Mikart’s Tablet Capabilities

Clinical trial supplies
Controlled/modified release
Controlled substances (CI-CV)
Fast dissolve (ODT)
Film/enteric coating
Immediate release
Taste masking


Tablet PressesTablet/Capsule ImprintingTablet/Capsule Inspection
Fette PT3090Hartnett deltaProditec Teonys Optical Inspection Sorter
Sejong MRC-30
Sejong MRC-36
Manesty express
Cadmach K3700
Key BBC4
Korsch XM 12