The Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) mandates that serialization be in place by November 2017 and unit level traceability by 2023. At Mikart, we’re way ahead of schedule. We’ve been running full 2023-compliant packaging since September 2015.

In fact, we’ve successfully run serialization “from bottle to pallet” for millions of tablets.

Applying identifying codes to all levels of packaging plays a vital role in fighting the growing problem of drug counterfeiting and in ensuring consumer safety.

To drive our serialization and aggregation solutions, we’ve partnered with three proven industry leaders:

Optel Group

Provides Mikart with flexible, scalable vision systems, inspection tools and other solutions that automatically generate, read, apply and verify codes throughout the entire packaging process.


Brings the world’s largest track-and-trace network to its partnership with Mikart, creating a data warehouse that makes all the information contained in the serialization codes available to every point in the pharmaceutical supply chain.