Overcoming the Challenges of Liquid Suspension Formulation

As drug developers seek out novel solutions for geriatric and pediatric populations and patients with difficulty swallowing (dysphagia), liquid suspensions have become increasingly popular. However, while liquid suspensions have distinct advantages to pills, tablets, and traditional liquid solutions for specific patient populations, their unique formulation requirements make them highly challenging to develop and manufacture.

In order to meet rising demand, CDMO partners must have the necessary expertise to accelerate liquid suspension formulation development. In this exclusive thought leadership piece, Mikart’s very own Gus LaBella, Director of Formulation Development, shares the keys to liquid suspension formulation, including:


  • Understanding the unique characteristics of liquid suspensions
  • Leveraging novel ion exchange technology
  • Having experience with difficult-to-formulate liquid solutions
  • Maintaining dedicated development, manufacturing, and production facilities

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