Will manufacture clinical trial materials using proprietary MicroCoat technology to advance new therapies.

ATLANTA and HERTFORDSHIRE, England, Oct. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Mikart, LLC (“Mikart”) a comprehensive contract development and manufacturing organization announced that it has entered into a collaboration agreement with Fluid Pharma Ltd, a technology licensing company, to advance the application of Fluid Pharma’s  proprietary MicroCoat™  technology in  new therapies for pediatricgeriatric, and oral liquid modified release applications, in North America.

Gus LaBella, Director of Formulation Development at Mikart, commented “MicroCoat™ technology will allow us to layer and coat smaller particles to incorporate into various dosage platforms thereby reducing grittiness and poor mouthfeel of these products. This will result in improved patient compliance and acceptability which can be a difficult problem especially with pediatric patients.”

Professor Fang Liu, Founder of Fluid Pharma Ltd and inventor of the MicroCoat™ technology says “We are extremely pleased to have entered into this technology partnership with Mikart, an industry recognised specialist manufacturer of multiparticulate systems such as pellets, micropellets and granules. By joining forces, Fluid and Mikart will be able to combine their technology, technical expertise, and manufacturing capabilities to bring MicroCoat™ to the market faster. We look forward to applying the MicroCoat™ technology in collaboration with our customers and partners in our effort to develop novel drugs with strong benefits to patients”.

Michael Kallelis, Chief Executive Officer at Mikart, added, “This collaborative agreement with Fluid Pharma Ltd adds exciting, new capabilities to Mikart’s value-added multiparticulate coating services with the goal of improving patient-centricity of the oral drug products we develop and manufacture.”

About Mikart, LLC

Mikart, LLC is a privately held contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) founded in 1975. Mikart focuses on small molecules, potent compounds, solid oral, combination products, suspensions, liquids, and serialized packaging services. The company has a full range of formulation, analytical, packaging and manufacturing services with a seamless development solution that minimizes the time-to-market from clinical work through commercial supply. Follow us on LinkedIn to stay informed https://www.linkedin.com/company/mikart-llc/ or for more information visit us at https://www.mikart.com/.

About Fluid Pharma

Fluid Pharma is a technology licensing company applying its proprietary MicroCoat™ technology to advance new therapies for pediatric, geriatric and oral liquid modified release applications. From its laboratories in the UK, Fluid Pharma provides clients access to early dosage form prototyping utilizing MicroCoat™ to demonstrate the advantages of the technology for manufacture of stable liquid suspensions and other flexible dosage forms such as orally disintegrating tablets (ODTs) for a wide range of applications, including taste-masking, sustained release and gastro-intestinal targeting.

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