Mikart, Pediatric Formulation Development Experts

Mikart understands there are several key components when it comes to successfully developing products for pediatric populations. Mikart has the technology and expertise to develop and manufacture palatable pediatric dosage forms from pre-clinical to commercial launch. Our science-led team has successfully developed pediatric formulations that have led to regulatory approval and support.

From the start of your pediatric program, we will develop and customized pharmaceutical development plan; from taste masking strategies, taste/palatability, excipient selection, route of administration and PK profiles.

Formulation Methods:
– Suspensions
Pellets, beads, powders

Unit Dose Cups
– Child Resistant
– Bottles
– Dosing Devices
– Oral Syringe Kits

Taste Masking:
Functional/non-functional coating systems
– Sweeteners
– Bitter Flavoring
– Ion Exchange Resins

Let Mikart help you overcome your pediatric formulation challenges.