Bottle Filling

Mikart offers a wide range of bottle filling options to fit your packaging needs. We can package both solid dose and non-sterile liquid products.

All of our packaging suites have separate air handling and filtration systems to ensure complete quality control during the packaging of your product.

Our lines can handle a wide range of container sizes from small unit dose bottles to large bulk packs.

We package the following dosage forms:

  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Soft-gels
  • Non-sterile Liquids
  • Powders/Granules (bottle only)

Our current capabilities include bottle sizes ranging from 30cc to 1,250cc. Our lines can fill and label round, oblong and square types of containers (HDPE, PET and Glass).

Cap options include plastic, metal, child-resistant, induction heat seal foil liner and pressure sensitive foam liner (PS22).

Bottles can be packaged into folded cartons and/or trays followed by shrink wrapping.