Whether you have a requirement for clinical trial materials, physician samples or commercial product, Mikart offers a variety of non-sterile liquid options to fit your needs. We can take your product from formulation development through full-scale commercial production.

All of our manufacturing and packaging suites have separate air handling and filtration systems to ensure complete quality control during all phases of production.

We offer a wide choice of bottle types for packaging your product including HDPE, PET and Glass. Our packaging lines can handle container sizes from small unit dose bottles (20cc) to gallon size.

Our liquid manufacturing and packaging capabilities include:

  • Solutions
  • Suspensions
  • Controlled Substances (CII – CV)
  • Clinical Trial Supplies

Liquid Tank

  • 200 liter, 400 liter, 568 liter, 850 liter, 900 liter, 1100 liter

Liquid Tank (Steam Jacketed)

  • 100 liter, 240 liter, 500 liter, 1000 liter, 2200 liter, 3900 liter

Liquid Tank (Electric Jacketed)

  • 20 liter