The History of Mikart

In 1960, the Arteche family, like thousands of others, fled Cuba with the advent of the Fidel Castro regime. Not only did they leave family, friends and property behind, they also abandoned their small but successful pharmaceutical company.

“We arrived in America with no money, and we couldn’t speak the language,” said Miguel “Mike” Arteche, former owner, chairman and CEO of Mikart Inc.

Borrowing $6,000 from a friend, his parents started Pharmaceutical Enterprises in Hialeah, FL. Then, in 1964, Reid Laboratories of Atlanta acquired the company and moved it to Georgia. Mike Arteche’s mother, Bertha Iturrioz, was a chemist, and his father, Ruben, was a doctor of optometry.  By 1975, the Arteche family decided it was time to find a new venture, Mikart Inc., an amalgam of “Mike” and “Arteche.”

In 1975, Mikart had 10 employees and an annual capacity, based on one shift, of 135 million tablets and 400,000 pints of liquids.

The company opened on Apple Valley Road in Northeast Atlanta, moving in 1978 to a larger location at 2090 Marietta Blvd. Subsequently, Mikart acquired two other buildings in the immediate vicinity, creating what they refer to as “the Mikart campus.”

Forty years later, the company grew to over 200 employees and enjoyed decades of prosperity.  Now in his late 70’s, Mike wondered how the Mikart legacy could continue as he considered his retirement.

The Future of Mikart

On September 4, 2018, Nautic Partners, LLC (“Nautic”) completed the acquisition of Mikart, Inc. and appointed Michael Kallelis as CEO of the Company.

“In Nautic, Mikart has found the ideal partner to continue scaling the business while staying true to its customer-focused roots,” retiring owner Miguel Arteche said. “Nautic offers a compelling combination of healthcare, manufacturing and financial experience to help Mikart thrive and expand within the rapidly growing CDMO market.” Current CEO Michael Kallelis commented, “The work Miguel and Mikart’s management team have done to develop Mikart’s premier brand status in the market and strong reputation amongst customers is impressive. We hope to build off this foundation and partner with existing and future clients to fill their CDMO needs.”

With that transaction, the next generation of Mikart was born, and a new vision of growth was created. To help with the revitalization of Mikart, new people joined the company bringing with them diversified experiences and best industry practices.  Along with new faces came new customers with challenging projects.  The transformation from the old Mikart to a newer Mikart will take time, but the journey has started, and we are beginning to see the first evidence of success.  There’s no doubt that we will prevail in our efforts and will be providing lifesaving medicines to our customers and patients in need. 

This year, the company celebrates its 45th Anniversary as an internationally recognized leader in formulation development, contract manufacturing and packaging services dedicated to making high-quality pharmaceutical products.